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Bad breath can be embarrassing. Luckily, most cases of bad breath can be solved with a little touch-up to your oral hygiene routines! Here are some potential causes of bad breath and how to treat it.

The first thing to do is to honestly assess your dental hygiene. Brushing twice a day for 2 minutes and flossing once a day are vital to your continued oral health. However, if you really are brushing and flossing consistently and the problem isn’t gone, it’s time to look at some other options.

Tobacco and alcohol use can also give you bad breath. It is best to limit or eliminate their use, for the sake of both oral and overall health. They create foul odors. Additionally, they dry out your mouth, reducing the saliva that cleans it; this allows bacteria to thrive and create problems.

If you brush and floss every day and do not use alcohol and tobacco, your halitosis may be due to a more serious health problem, such as gum disease. Some other diseases of the body also can cause bad breath. Talk to your doctor if the problem persists.

Speak with your dentist about your bad breath at your biannual appointment. This is especially important if you think you may have gum disease. The sooner your dentist examines your mouth, the sooner your dental team can identify the problem and get you back on the road to health. To schedule an appointment in Fairfax, Virginia, call Dr. Paul Lee at 703-352-9600. Dr. Paul Lee and our team are happy to help!