It is not uncommon to feel nervous or scared about visiting the dentist; many patients—children and adults alike—experience dental anxiety. However, if your anxiety is preventing you from being able to cooperate in the dental chair or even visit the dentist at all, we encourage you to consider sedation dentistry. Our office provides many relaxation options, including IV sedation.

Also known as “intravenous conscious sedation” or “sleep dentistry,” IV sedation is administered directly through the veins and into the bloodstream. This enables IV sedation to take effect much more quickly than other forms of sedation and produce a state of deep relaxation. Patients who receive IV sedation do not fully go to sleep, but may experience partial or full memory loss of anything that transpires during the appointment, causing the time to seem to pass very quickly. Once the sedation is lifted, you may feel as though you have slept through your dental procedure.

Because it is administered through injection, IV sedation may not be the best choice for patients who fear needles. Dr. Paul Lee would be happy to provide you with further information about your sedation options and help you select the best choice. Contact our office at 703-352-9600 today to schedule your appointment and learn more about IV sedation in Fairfax, Virginia.