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A key component of oral health care includes planning for emergencies. Although they are rare, they can strike at any time and seriously damage your mouth.

Protect your smile with these oral emergency tips:

A Tooth is Knocked Loose:
It is possible for teeth to be easily dislocated due to a variety of accidents and injuries. If a tooth is knocked loose, clear away any debris from the wound and apply a gauze pad until bleeding stops.

One or More Teeth are Knocked Out:
If a tooth is knocked out, don’t panic since we still may be able to save the tooth. Soak the tooth in a tooth-saving solution such as Save-A-Tooth, hold it between your cheek and gums, or put it in milk. See your dentist as soon as possible.

Bites within your mouth are common. For the most part, they will not draw blood, but the ones that do, need to be taken care of. Use gauze to cover the wound until bleeding stops. Seek out medical treatment if you require stitches.

Don’t delay in visiting our team at Dr. Paul Lee if you have a dental emergency. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Lee and our team at our office in Fairfax, Virginia, please call us at 703-352-9600. Whether you are having an emergency or just need a cleaning and exam, we’re here to help.