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Here at Dr. Paul Lee, we want to give you your best smile as well as protect your teeth from any possible problems or future risks. Teeth whitening in its different forms is a procedure where a product is used to remove stains, discolorations, and/or lighten teeth. Some of the ways your teeth can become stained include:

– Foods and drinks containing pigments such as coffee or wine
– Aging teeth’s enamel will wear down, showing dentin (underneath and more yellow)
– Tobacco use or smoking creates stains from tar and nicotine
– Medications can often cause side effects
– If injured, the tooth creates more dentin, which causes more yellow to show

Some teeth whitening products contain products such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to help give teeth a white glow. Other ingredients often found in these products are gentle polishing or chemical agents to help stain removal. Some general approaches for teeth whitening include:

– At-home bleaching: toothpastes, mouthwashes
– Over-the-counter bleaching: whitening strips, whitening gels, or tray-based bleaching systems purchased or recommended by your dentist
– In-office bleaching: your dentist applies a protective gel or shield over your gums then carefully applies bleach to your teeth

Be sure to look for the ADA approved seal when purchasing any products and stop treatment if you experience intense sensitivity. Call Dr. Paul Lee at 703-352-9600 to get a consult or make an appointment with our office here in Fairfax, Virginia.